Creating a Mutually-beneficial Relationship Between PR and Content Marketing

Creating a Mutually-beneficial Relationship Between PR and Content Marketing

Meg Hari Prasad
2 October 2017

Content Marketing Institute (CMI) defines content marketing as “a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience—and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.” That sounds a lot like what PR pros are charged with, doesn’t it? After all, modern public relations is focused on engaging with an audience of influencers in order to get your message heard and support your organization’s business objectives.

As a PR professional, you are spending your days tracking industry editorial trends, talking to journalists and editors about the content that their audiences want, and honing pitches to obtain coverage or place contributed articles for business partners. PR is full of moments that create the exact kind of insight that would help your content team prioritize material that’s going to drive engagement and brand awareness. Content teams should have easy access to that knowledge to inform their content decisions and ensure message alignment across your organization. Traditionally, this information can stay siloed within PR departments.

Margaret, who runs Monster’s blog, works with the PR team on every piece of content she produces.

Although public perception of the PR team is often one of being laser-focused on media relations, the modern PR professional has a much broader scope that also focuses on building influencer relationships. What’s the difference? The influencer umbrella includes a lot more than just journalists. Public relations outreach now includes bloggers, social media channel influencers, analysts, and celebrities in addition to traditional media outlets. It’s important to pay them attention since all of these influencers are potential distribution channels for increasing your brand’s reach.

Caitlyn from Transcend Insights discusses how content marketing and PR work together to promote thought leadership and ensure messaging alignment, both externally and internally.

Since the PR team is building these relationships over time, employing a number of tactics. Thus, PR is in a position to share contacts, as well as original content, or primed to co-create content as part of an integrated approach. Contrast that with outreach being done as a one-off activity by a content marketing team who typically doesn’t have those existing relationships or the experience in breaking through the inbox noise by tailoring pitches to individual influencers.

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