The 5 Best Social Media Campaigns for TV Shows

The 5 Best Social Media Campaigns for TV Shows

3 February 2018

For avid TV show watchers, social media, a.k.a. the second screen, offers a binge-worthy avenue to get the most out of their favorite television series.

Social media is the perfect space for the truly passionate and casual viewers alike to connect with other fans, ask questions, speculate on plot twists, and dare I say, share spoiler alerts.

In 2017, shows like The Walking Dead, Empire, and This is Us, all topped Nielsen charts as the most talked-about TV series. But which TV show takes the crown for the most brilliant social media campaign in an effort to drive awareness?

5 Best Social Media Campaigns for TV Shows

1. Stranger Things 2 “Facebook Camera”

One of the most anticipated series of the year is finally here and the Stranger Things 2 social media campaign did not disappoint.

Netflix spared no expense in making sure fans were engaged on social media. Everything from cinemagraphs and custom content for each social network (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) to a plot tease and memorable moments, the Stranger Things 2 social campaign was something from another world.

One great takeaway from this campaign was Netflix’s willingness to experiment with new tactics. For example, the show utilized new Facebook camera effects by creating one of their own for the premiere!

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