12 PR Blogs Your Competitors Are Reading (And 3 They Don’t Yet Know About)

12 PR Blogs Your Competitors Are Reading (And 3 They Don’t Yet Know About)

Chris Correa and Mai Le
24 June 2016

We barely have time to tailor every one of our PR messages by channel and approach influencers with customized pitches. How are we supposed to keep up on the best work being done by colleagues and competitors? For this, we turn to PR blogs to read about successful campaigns and find out about the latest best practices. In putting together this list, we included those run by big media properties like AdWeek and small niche blogs, like PR Couture, but they all have a few things in common: actionable insights, sharp writing, and examples that apply to the entire industry. With that in mind, here are the PR blogs we read on the regular and why we think they’re good reads. Sites are listed in order of Twitter reach.

Adweek, Galley Cat
An Adweek blog, Galley Cat, spends most of its time on the publishing and book-selling business, but also covers film previews and reviews, available positions, and courses to improve industry-specific PR skills. This blog frequently updates (multiple times per day) with short posts of 175-words or so covering a breadth of media topics. @GalleyCat followers: 277k

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The Skimm
Straightforward, factual, short blurbs about a wide-range of topics, such as timely takes on events like last night’s NBA finals and insights into commonly used acronyms in social media or the relevancy of the Panama Papers. Think of it as the Cliff Notes of important stuff happening in the world right now. @theskimm followers: 145k


Ragan’s PR Daily
More than a blog, Ragan’s PR Daily is a public relations industry hub with everything needed to run a modern day PR shop. Content runs the gamut of how-tos, videos, ebooks, career development, and think piece articles by PR pros and personalities, such as Gary Vaynerchuk. Ragan also has various writing summits, webinars, and industry awards. @PRDaily followers: 97.2k

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PRSay—The Voice of Public Relations is the blog of the largest organization of public relations professionals. It covers current issues, PR relevant topics, and proven strategies for the public relations industry. PRSay’s goal is to provide resources and professional development to those who are looking to succeed in the industry. It’s the go-to for anyone looking for a proven path to PR success. We like PRSay so much we’re sponsoring their international conference in October. @prsa followers: 94.1k

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 3.21.40 PM.pngL2inc
L2inc covers the PR industry with an emphasis on brands and how they’re competing in the market. The site shines when it compares campaigns, assessing successes and failures through the lens of data analytics. A sassy editorial tone with well-researched reporting makes it a must-read and a fun read. @l2_digital followers: 69.5k

Adweek, PR Newser
PR Newser covers the inner workings of the public relations industry from headline stories to public relations fails. Bills itself as a no-holds-barred, fluff-free take on the state of the industry. Does a good job of covering PR in the digital space, the international arena, and in political communications. @PRNewser followers: 47.8k


PR Couture
PR Couture is a fashion industry hub, or as they say, “haute spot,” for publicists, marketers, designers and brands. Not for the PR student, it aims to keep those already in the know up-to-date in the fashion industry. Packed with well-penned articles by fashion industry PR, there are career and how-to resources, as well as information about associated activities like digital marketing and social media and interviews with experts in the field. Beyond the blog’s resources, there’s an email newsletter that comes out every Friday. @prcouture  followers: 44.7k

Media Village
Media Village, like Adweek, is a group of blogs that cover the media landscape. We read it for the Stuart Elliott Report. Ostensibly a weekly column, the former NY Times tech and media editor writes with a conspiratorial air on the state of the publicity, advertising, and marketing industry. Weaving a weekly narrative that both name checks and gut checks—readers are left feeling like they got an insider tip from a verified source. @stuartenyt followers: 38.3k and @MediaVillageCom followers: 6679


The Holmes Report
Trends, news, industry reports, podcasts, videos, long form articles. Acts as a resource hub of for those working in the trenches of PR. The Holmes Report’s newly redesigned Agency Playbook (formerly the Agency Directory) is the PR industry’s most comprehensive listing of firms from every region and specialty. As a resource, the Agency Playbook enables collaboration and research into PR verticals. @holmesreport followers: 19.1k

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Spin Sucks
Spin Sucks is for an audience of both PR students and professionals. The majority of posts are penned by Gini Dietrich, founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich, an integrated marketing communications firm. There are also posts from guest bloggers, who share perspectives on topics such as using hashtags, SnapChat, or competition within the PR space. Spin Sucks wins awards due to fun sections like Gin and Topics with the weekly meme-able videos from around the Internet; and the Spin Sucks Inquisition, which interviews marketing and PR professionals from across the industry. @SpinSucks followers: 16.7k

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Bull Dog Reporter
Billing itself as a hub for PR, Views, News, and Resources, the Bull Dog Reporter has posts by Industry folks, edited press releases, profiles of PR peeps and winning campaigns, industry reports, and webinars. The content is vetted and is a useful resource for all-in-one PR 101. @BulldogReporter followers: 12.9k

PR Conversations
Bimonthly updated blog-style PR discussions, edited and written by industry vets: Judy Gombita, Markus Pirchner, and Heather Yaxley. Posts vary widely with some very casual in tone (mostly from outside contributors)—think the LiveJournal of PR musings—to clean and crisp insights into the issues that surface through the course of publicity work. Personable and deep insights keep other PR pros coming back again and again. @prconversations followers: 4793

For an Extra Edge, Take a Look at These Too

Dorie Clark
Dorie Clark is a marketing strategist and frequent contributor to the Harvard Business Review, Entrepreneur, and Forbes. She has improved the digital IQ of several influencers across the globe, including execs at Google, the World Bank, Microsoft, and many politicos. She wrote the book about the people behind the brands they impact in Reinventing You: Define Your Brand, Imagine Your Future. Blog updates offer brilliant tidbits about the most effective strategies for developing a marketing voice as a thought leader in your industry and maybe, even, the world. @dorieclark followers: 32k


Ben Thompson spent his career developing public awareness and branding strategies for Apple, Microsoft, and Automattic. Reading his insights feels like you’re getting VIP information. His Stratechery site operates on a unique “freemium” subscription plan, but the jam-packed analytical posts and daily newsletter will make you the smartest person at happy hour. (Yes, you have to pay for some of the exploratory content, so know that going in.) Check out his Hype Cycle about why TV advertising may suffer the fate of the dead cat bounce (even a dead animal—or medium—will bounce at least once if it falls from a great enough height). @stratechery followers: 23.3k


Influence and Co.
Influence and Co. is full of quick, slick reads of real-world PR problems (and solutions) and trend reports on high-concept marketing tactics that seem hypothetical in their execution. As a bonus, post titles are poetic magic that gets the PR careerist clicking; past titles include Three Simple Ways to Sound Brand Your Podcast and Hook, Line, and Sinker: Why PR Needs Content Marketing for a Complete Sell. In short, Influence and Co. creates content that matters, then aggressively engages, and cultivates new audiences to spread that content. @InfluenceandCo followers: 14.9k

If you’re wondering what stellar podcasts we’re listening to and what blogs help us write, we’ve got you’ve covered.

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