Executive Director, Engineering

Mike Ruggieri

Mike Ruggieri is the Executive Director of Engineering at Meltwater. He’s responsible for leading a world-class, agile engineering organization across nine major development centers worldwide. As an engineering leader with a background in product management and user experience, as well as software development, Mike uses his blended perspective to keep the organization focused on creating great products for Meltwater’s customers.

Along with an amazing team of senior engineering directors, Mike has helped to create a connected culture of team ownership and autonomy, while ensuring that all engineers – from support to development to quality assurance to DevOps and more – are able to grow their individual skills and knowledge in order to take on greater and varied opportunities within the organization.


Mike, his wife and two sons are proud New Englanders who currently live in New Hampshire.


Although never reaching rock star status, Mike remains a passionate – though unpracticed – singer and guitarist. He also enjoys exploring the world, bass fishing, microbrews, and watching his Red Sox and Patriots dominate.


With more than 20 years of software experience, Mike has held a variety of roles in both small startups and larger public companies. Before transitioning to his current role, Mike was the Executive Director of Product and Vice President of Applications with the Engineering team at Meltwater. Guided by his love of design and a drive to build applications that customers will love, Mike has often fluctuated between roles in product management and engineering. Prior to joining Meltwater, Mike was VP of Engineering and then VP of Product Management at Pegasystems, a public business process management company in Cambridge, Mass.


Mike holds a Bachelor of Arts in Literature from Framingham State University. Always a lover a technology, he pursued post-graduate computer science work at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.