Chief Technology Officer

CTO Aditya Jami

Aditya Jami is the Chief Technology Officer of Meltwater, responsible for overall technical strategy and overseeing the company’s AI & Data science initiatives across all product lines. He works very closely with the CEO on acquisitions, and leads their architectural integration.

During Aditya’s tenure, he has been responsible for leading the transformation of underlying media intelligence technology into an expanded, data science platform – – which powers Meltwater’s products across multiple business lines.

Prior to joining Meltwater in 2016 as Senior Director of Engineering, Aditya has created and led several efforts to translate his expertise in the fields of artificial intelligence and Big Data for end-to-end products and platform offerings, including: Yahoo, Netflix, Stanford, Cornell and a startup he co-founded, Predict Effect.


Aditya loves traveling around the world, especially to places with sunny beaches. He’s passionate about auto-racing and even tried his luck as a competitive driver before reality kicked in. Nevertheless, he’ll try again.


Aditya is motivated by solving problems in the areas of large-scale multi-modal data management, Machine learning on the cloud, Information network analysis and knowledge graphs. He was a founding member of the Cloud Solutions team at Netflix, where he built the first Chaos Monkey (later extended to Simian Army) that ran on the production cloud, Cassandra/Priam – as well as several other cloud migration initiatives. At Yahoo, he worked on a real-time data platform that collects and analyzes 300 Billion web events (10TB) a day to power its news feed recommendation and behavioral targeting advertising models. He served as chief architect of the cross-university joint project called RoboBrain – a large-scale computational system that learns from publicly available Internet resources, computer simulations, real-life robot trials. RoboBrain was listed among the MIT Technology Review’s Top 10 Breakthrough Technologies in 2016.


Aditya received his Master’s degree in Computer Science from Stanford University, with specialization in Data Mining and Machine Learning.