Industry and Competitive Intelligence

Don’t Miss a Single Strategic Moment

Monitor competitive intelligence daily from around the corner and around the world. Keep your strategy fresh by staying on top of important industry news and social business buzz. In a large organization, it’s easy to get so caught up in day-to-day execution that you miss out on important industry developments.   At best, being out of the loop can be professionally embarrassing.  At worst, it can be detrimental to your business. The Meltwater enterprise online intelligence platform can help you collect competitive intelligence to identify strategic opportunities and threats in real-time, so you can maintain a fact-based, proactive strategic position.

Track Rival Moves with Timely Competitive Intelligence

Monitor news and social media to keep track of your competition.  Learn about planned new products. Review new marketing campaigns. Consider changes they make to their production and how that may affect any suppliers or channel partners you share. Follow journalist and blogger opinion about your competitors and what opportunity that may create for your business. Develop the competitive intelligence you need to promote and defend your own business.

Benchmark the Competition

See how you compare to the competition from an objective point of view.  Measure your relative share of voice in industry media.  Compare the sentiment of social conversations around your brand to that of your competitors. Examine detailed positive and negative commentary. Before the Internet, real competitive intelligence was difficult to capture and compile.  Sales collateral, ad-hoc conference conversations and hearsay provided very low quality, statistically insignificant information. The Meltwater enterprise platform monitors hundreds of thousands of online news sources and millions of social conversations daily to provide the competitive intelligence you need to get a clear view of how you and your competitors are perceived by your customers, partners, investors and the public.

React Swiftly to Time-Sensitive Events

Event-driven business opportunities and threats often demand rapid responses. Your ability to react swiftly to a prospect’s funding announcement can mean the difference between new business and missed opportunity. Customer support crises can quickly get out of your control if you can’t keep up with the public conversation. Countering a competitive move can’t always wait for your annual strategic planning meeting.  By monitoring the media for well-defined signals of important events, you can replace reactive tactics with proactive strategy.

Spin the Conversation Your Way

It’s no longer possible to manage your message through advertising and press releases alone.  As soon as your new product, acquisition or restructuring announcement enters the online conversation, you are no longer in control.  To spin the conversation your way, you have to keep track of what’s being said and constantly reinforce your side of the story in myriad variations. The Meltwater enterprise online intelligence platform helps you discover and gauge the conversations that are relevant to your business, so you can maintain stewardship of your brand.

Manage Market Risk Identified by Competitive Intelligence

Help your organization stay prepared to make the most of changing market conditions by keeping stakeholders apprised of the latest competitive intelligence. Monitor the news for insight on legal and regulatory changes that may impact your operations. Assess economic trends such as changes in commodity costs and tax codes that affect profitability. Follow news about labor markets such as union actions and hiring trends. Develop a proactive, strategic approach to risk management with global competitive intelligence from more than 190,000 online news sources and millions of social media sources in more than 80 languages.