Meltwater Enterprise Solutions

Increase Your Online Intelligence

Improve global corporate communications performance and prepare your organization for the new world of social business. Meltwater enterprise solutions help large, global companies drive growth and build brands by better understanding and engaging their customers, markets and social business communities. Based on the Meltwater online intelligence platform, which analyzes billions of digital documents daily, Meltwater enterprise solutions deliver precise, timely business insights that are customized to meet the unique needs of each individual organization.

Global Corporate Communications

Increase the effectiveness, efficiency and consistency of global corporate communications. Managing global corporate communication for a large public company can be both rewarding and risky. As stewards of the company brand and reputation, corporate communications executives have a direct impact on business performance. Meltwater enterprise solutions are designed to help global corporate communications executives fulfill their significant responsibilities in driving revenue, raising capital, reducing costs and cultivating positive stakeholder relationships within the social business community.

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Social Business Intelligence

Draft better strategies, capture hidden opportunities and develop stronger industry relationships by leveraging the exploding wealth of online intelligence. Today’s business executives are deluged with data, ninety-nine percent of which has virtually no impact on the bottom line. As we enter a new era of social business, simply filtering out the noise to find the business insights, people and events that can make a difference is like searching for the proverbial needle in a haystack. Most busy executives simply don’t have the time for real external investigation, so they rely heavily on subjective internal analyses. The Meltwater enterprise online intelligence platform can help you drive growth and improve productivity through a deeper, more objective understanding of your customers, markets and social business communities.

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