Online Media Monitoring

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Keep track of breaking news about your company, competitors and industry with online media monitoring. Identify news and social media trends to design your PR campaigns for maximum impact. Meltwater News public relations software provides global, online media monitoring more than 190,000 news publications as well as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and blogs to deliver daily alerts, insights, and opportunities right to your doorstep.

Features You'll Like

  • MNews Article ListSpend less time culling through irrelevant articles and social media messages to find the breaking news that drives your business. Meltwater News online media monitoring sifts through millions of articles daily to find the ones that are most relevant to you using automated, keyword-driven search agents.
    • Topical Keyword Search - Pinpoint the precise articles and social media posts that are relevant to your business by setting up topical keyword-based searches.  Meltwater News online media monitoring goes beyond consumer search engines by allowing you to specify more exact keyword combinations using advanced Boolean logic.
    • Source Filter - Filter news sources by geography, readership and language, or monitor a hand-selected list of publications.
    • Translate - Understand the message and sentiment of articles from 17 different languages.
    • Archive - Save and organize articles into folders. Then, run media analyses on archived folders.
    Just set it and forget it. Meltwater news online media monitoring does the tedious work, so you spend time on more important things.
  • MNews Email ReportTake a proactive approach to online media monitoring with Meltwater News email alerts. Get recent articles and social media posts that are full of insight and opportunity delivered to your inbox. Customize delivery time, frequency, and email format according to your personal preferences.
    • Get email alerts on any target topic (search agent)
    • Receive alerts once daily, twice daily or as they happen
    • Save articles on the Meltwater News media monitoring platform to review later
    • Share articles via email, Facebook, or Twitter with one click
    • Translate articles from 17 languages
    • Include graphs once a week that  analyze the previous week's articles
  • Share any news article or social media post in your media monitoring results on Facebook, Twitter, or email. Every article comes with one-click buttons that make it easy to share the link on your favorite social network.
    • Facebook and Twitter -  Keep online communities up to date with recent news articles or quickly re-post positive social media mentions. Include articles with industry news to add an element of thought leadership to your company's social media presence.
    • Email - Efficiently forward relevant articles to internal stakeholders in different departments. Just select an article, add a description, input email recipients, and send.
    Don't keep all the great insights and opportunities you find with Meltwater News online media monitoring to yourself.  Share them with your friends!