Online Media Analysis

Smart Metrics, Smarter Decisions

Create more successful PR campaigns with a better understanding of your competitive position in your industry using the Meltwater News public relations software’s online media analysis capabilities. Gain quantitative and qualitative insight into media coverage to measure buzz for your business, identify competitor activity, and detect industry trends. Discover new insights to develop messaging for brands, craft outreach strategy, and improve your competitive presence in your industry. Meltwater News media analysis helps you leverage past press coverage on your business and competitors to make smarter decisions for the future.

Features You'll Like

  • MNews_Bar GraphsMake better-informed PR decisions by conducting media analysis of news and blog articles on your business, competitors and industry.  Create search agents to filter relevant news articles, then analyze your results by volume, sentiment, topical themes and geographic distribution with colorful media analysis charts.  
    • Media Analysis Dashboard - An at-a-glance analysis of the news
    • Volume Trend - Total number of articles capture by your search agent by month, week or day
    • Sentiment Analysis - Summary of articles by positive and negative tone
    • Word Cloud - Visualization of topical themes in recent press
    • Top-Ten Publications - Top publications ranked by number of articles
    • World Map - Density of press mentions by country
    • Interactive Charts - Drill down on any line, bar or slice in any media analysis chart to see the articles behind it
    The Meltwater News media analysis tool makes it easy to discover new insights that help you make better PR decisions.
  • Determine the best message for your PR campaign by taking a closer look at the media analysis of your company, competitors and industry. The better you understand the interests and reading habits of your target audience, the more relevance and reach your PR campaign will achieve. Meltwater News media analysis tools help you find and refine the right message for every occasion.

    Find the Right Message

    The Meltwater News word cloud media analysis displays words that represent underlying themes within your topical search agents. The bigger the word appears in the cloud, the more times  it appears in news articles and the more prominent the theme.
    • Discover trending topics
    • Find inspiration for thought leadership
    • Understand competitor brand positioning

    Refine Your Message

    Compare media analysis metrics across topical searches to get your message just right. For example, comparing volume of mentions between two topical searches that represent two message choices helps you understand which message choice is more popular.
    • See which industry topics are trending up and which are trending down
    • Identify positioning differences between your brand and the competition by comparing word clouds
    • Understand which of your brands has the most reach and which has the least reach
  • MNews_MatrixGauge the reach and relevance of PR campaigns with insight from objective PR measurement. Make fact-based decisions about how to allocate your PR budget to increase return on investment. Inform your PR strategy and planning with PR measurement able to prove the value of your campaigns. Use media analysis metrics within the Meltwater News public relations software to evaluate PR campaigns. Demonstrate the incremental impact of your PR campaign versus earlier campaigns.
    • Establish a Baseline - Create a search of recent coverage to serve as a baseline.  Consider the different target audiences of the various publications to better understand reach by customer segment.
    • Calculate Share of Voice - Assess how much of the press about your category you dominated.  Use the matrix tool, pie charts, and heat maps to get a more complete view of your competitive landscape.  Filter results by publication, geography, and more.
    • Monitor Changes in Sentiment - Use the sentiment meter to get a current snapshot of tone and compare trends over time
  • Objective PR measurement is critical to communicating the value of PR and corporate communications efforts beyond the agency or department.
    • Calculate Hits and Impressions - Determine how many times your story was mentioned and how many people were exposed to your message overall using volume and impression graphs
    • Compare Reach - Contrast how many impressions your campaign generated versus those of other communications initiatives using the matrix tool or any of the graphs.  Discover where PR may do more to advance your message than other marketing tactics.

    Optimize Campaigns

    Don’t rely exclusively on subjective insight; arm your team to make fact-based decisions.  Modify your approach based on insight from past campaign performance to better align to your goals.
    • Refine Message Points - Use PR measurement to compare volume of hits for various of your message points to determine which got the most coverage.
    • Adjust Geographic Focus - Analyze coverage by geography to assess the impact of broad campaigns on local markets or local campaigns on global tone and volume. Use heat maps to see the density of coverage by geography.