News Distribution

Keep Stakeholders Informed

Broadcast important articles and announcements using Meltwater News PR software news distribution tools. The Meltwater News support team can build you a branded email newsletter or an RSS newsfeed for your company’s website or intranet. Keep stakeholders up to date with newsletters made to your branding guidelines and customized to different recipient groups. Whether issuing thought leadership papers or sending the latest news, Meltwater News PR software helps you streamline distribution and keep stakeholders informed.

Features You'll Like

  • Keep diverse stakeholder groups informed using a branded newsletter. Create and distribute multiple branded newsletters when you need to communicate different content to different groups. The Meltwater News support team can build custom templates to support different brands and different news distribution groups, such as employees, board members and customers. Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of news distribution with the Meltwater News branded newsletter tool.
    • Include articles from a targeted news search, or hand-select the articles to include
    • Include images and graphs to communicate your news more effectively
    • Create a custom news distribution list or upload an existing list
    • Email newsletters immediately or schedule future distribution
  • Increase traffic to your website and enhance brand awareness using a custom RSS newsfeed for your company. The Meltwater News custom RSS newsfeed helps you communicate to stakeholders more efficiently and adds a dynamic element to your websites. Incorporate a custom RSS newsfeed into your company's website or intranet for more effective news distribution.
    • Display recent news coverage, company announcements, and press releases
    • Share thought leadership pieces and breaking industry news
    • Include an RSS newsfeed on your investor relations website
    • Select from several scrolling and static formats
    • Populate the RSS newsfeed automatically, or hand-select articles to include
    • Include an RSS subscription button to extend the reach of your news