Smarter Media Relations Software

Meltwater Press

Improve the reach and relevance of your public relations campaigns with better-targeted media outreach. The Meltwater Press media relations software-as-a-service helps you build more targeted media lists, using the only article-based journalist search in the industry. Find the journalists that fit your story based on what they have written in the past, then distribute your message by email or over the wire from a single platform.

Smart Media Database

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Improve media outreach with better targeting of key journalists using the industry’s smartest media database. The Meltwater Press media database provides real-time analysis of the articles written by journalists using natural language processing to help you identify the best journalists for your public relations campaigns. Access continually updated profiles on more than 350,000 journalists, including contact information, Twitter handles, and links to most recent articles. Organize contacts into an unlimited number of custom media lists to support all your public relations campaigns. Then, tailor your outreach to each journalist’s unique interests and editorial viewpoint.

Email Pitching and Wire Press Release Distribution

Send your pitches and press releases to your targeted media lists using built-in email distribution or leverage our partnership with NASDAQ’s GlobeNewswire to issue releases by wire, all from a single platform. Meltwater Press media relations software helps in every step of the press release process from formatting to delivery to journalist follow-up, all to save you time, ensure delivery, and make follow-up easy.