Media Contact Database

Identify Relevant Journalists, Faster

MNews Media Contacts

Find the right media targets for your PR campaigns using the Meltwater News media contact database of more than 350,000 journalists and bloggers. The Meltwater News media contact database lets you filter journalists by beat, geography, and publication to create unlimited media contact lists for public relations outreach and press release distribution. Target the right journalists with Meltwater News public relations software.


Media Contact Database Filtering

The Meltwater News media contact database provides detailed filtering to help you identify the right journalists for your PR campaign. Journalists are categorized into more than 1,200 beats and sub-beats to fit the themes of each pitch or press release. Filter by selecting one or many beats, then specify additional filters such as role (e.g. Editor, Blogger, etc.), publication, circulation, and geography as needed.

Customizable Media Contact Lists

Organize target journalists into an unlimited number of media contact lists for more effective pitching and press release distribution. Create new lists of  journalists from the Meltwater News media contact database and import existing media contact lists. Then, simply export your complete media list and send pitches or press releases from your favorite email program.