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Build your brand and drive growth by effectively engaging media influencers using the Meltwater News public relations software-as-a-service. Built on the Meltwater online intelligence platform, Meltwater News public relations software delivers superior global media monitoring and analytics with better targeted media outreach. Meltwater News customers maximize the reach and relevance of earned media coverage, while developing stronger media relations to deliver real business results.

Online Media Analysis

Create more successful PR campaigns with a better understanding of your competitive position in your industry using the Meltwater News public relations software’s online media analysis capabilities. Gain quantitative and qualitative insight into media coverage to measure buzz for your business, identify competitor activity, and detect industry trends. Discover new insights to develop messaging for brands, craft outreach strategy, and improve your competitive presence in your industry. Meltwater News media analysis helps you leverage past press coverage on your business and competitors to make smarter decisions for the future.

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Online Media Monitoring

Keep track of breaking news about your company, competitors and industry with online media monitoring. Identify news and social media trends to design your PR campaigns for maximum impact. Meltwater News public relations software provides global, online media monitoring of more than 190,000 news publications as well as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and blogs to deliver daily alerts, insights, and opportunities right to your doorstep.

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Smarter Media Relations Software

Improve the reach and relevance of your public relations campaigns with better-targeted media outreach. The Meltwater Press media relations software-as-a-service helps you build more targeted media lists, using the only article-based journalist search in the industry. Find the journalists that fit your story based on what they have written in the past, then distribute your message by email or over the wire from a single platform.

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Media Contact Database

Find the right media targets for your PR campaigns using the Meltwater News media contact database of more than 350,000 journalists and bloggers. The Meltwater News media contact database lets you filter journalists by beat, geography, and publication to create unlimited media contact lists for public relations outreach and press release distribution. Target the right journalists with Meltwater News public relations software.

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News Distribution

Broadcast important articles and announcements using Meltwater News PR software news distribution tools. The Meltwater News support team can build you a branded email newsletter or an RSS newsfeed for your company’s website or intranet. Keep stakeholders up to date with newsletters made to your branding guidelines and customized to different recipient groups. Whether issuing thought leadership papers or sending the latest news, Meltwater News PR software helps you streamline distribution and keep stakeholders informed.

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