Social Media Engagement

Meltwater Buzz Engage Module

MBuzz DashboardManage social media engagement efficiently across large social communities from multiple Twitter and Facebook accounts. Immediately join any conversation you discover by responding to tweets and comments. Organize customers, influencers and other important social community members into groups to streamline social media engagement with your target audiences.  Schedule your communications to create structured social media marketing campaigns that drive word-of-mouth throughout your community. The Meltwater Buzz Engage module simplifies social media engagement, so community managers can focus on social media marketing over social media technology.


Features You’ll Like

  • MBuzz Send UpdateSave time and effort by consolidating social media engagement across multiple social media channels and communities.  The Meltwater Buzz Engage module streamlines workflows and reduces the number of tools required to manage your social media marketing campaigns.

    Integrated Social Media Engagement

    Manage social media engagement from up to twenty Twitter and Facebook accounts simultaneously. The Meltwater  Buzz Engage module integrates social media engagement throughout the entire user experience, so you can instantly participate in any social conversation through any social media account without interrupting the natural flow of your work.
    • Post to any account from any message in any conversation stream
    • Post updates to multiple social media accounts at once
    • Tailor posts by social media account
    • Post immediately or schedule for future delivery
    • Use automatically-shortened links
    • Easily configure new accounts
    • Filter conversations streams by keywords, social media channel, language and location
    • Share, comment and Like posts on Facebook
    • Tweet, retweet, @-reply and direct message on Twitter
    • Upload and share photos across multiple accounts at once
    Meltwater Buzz customers manage more communications across larger social communities by streamlining social media engagement.
  • MBuzz Social Media InboxReview and respond to all your inbound social communications quickly and efficiently. The Meltwater Buzz Engage social media inbox collects all communications directed at your Twitter and Facebook accounts into a single social conversation stream.
    • Centralize all inbound social communications
    • Receive live alerts for new social communications
    • Respond to communications directly or share them with others
    • Filter conversations streams by keywords, social media channel, language and location
    • Assign communications to others for follow-up
  • MBuzz CalendarPlan and schedule social media engagement to create structured social media marketing campaigns. Easily deploy sophisticated content strategies by automating content distribution to target media channels and communities.
    • View by month and by day
    • See all sent and scheduled messages
    • See responses to posts
    • Drill down to see individual posts and responses
    • Schedule posts across multiple Twitter and Facebook accounts
    • Easily update scheduled posts prior to delivery
  • MBuzz DashboardThe Meltwater Buzz Engage social campaign dashboard provides a quick overview of your social media marketing campaigns, including detailed social media engagement activities and metrics.
    • Social Media Calendar - Schedule and history of all engagement
    • Recent Communications – Recent inbound and outbound messages
    • Outbound Communications – Volume of posts by type
    • Engagement by Channel - Click-throughs on post links
    • Brandometer – A graphical meter of overall conversation sentiment
    • Sentiment Trend – Recent volume of positive, negative and neutral opinions
    • Media Spread – Conversation volume by social media channel
    • Dashboard Filters – Focus on specific social media channels, languages and locations.
    With one click, you can drill down into each chart to reveal the individual messages their authors.
  • MBuzz Engagement by ChannelUnderstand how your social media engagement activities drive word-of-mouth throughout your social communities. See what content, campaigns, and community members  inspired the most conversation. Meltwater Buzz social media analytics provide colorful charts that track social media engagement in real-time to measure social marketing campaign success.
    • Outbound Volume – Frequency of outbound communications by type over time.
    • Engagement by Channel – Volume trend of all types of social media engagement by channel.
    • Most Engaged –  Community members who engage with you the most.
    • Content Engagement – Click-throughs on content links included in outbound communications.
    • Post Engagement – The most effective outbound messages.
    • Retweeters – The most frequent re-tweeters of your posts.
    • Brand Impressions – The number of brand impressions generated by you and your community.
    • Relationship Growth – Follower growth for your primary Facebook and Twitter accounts.
    • World Map – View social media engagement by country, province, state and city.
  • MBuzz Community DB GraphEfficiently manage and cultivate vibrant social communities. Segment your communities into target audiences, such as prospects, customers, partners, press, employess, influencers and advocates. Understand community member rank and reach. Get to know your followers. Meltwater Buzz Engage social community management helps marketers organize social media engagement into effective social marketing campaigns.
    • Define your own tags to segment social community members into target audiences
    • Apply multiple tags to each community member
    • Use Jitterater™ social ratings to understand community member reach and influence
    • Automatically track Twitter followers and Facebook Likes
  • The Meltwater Buzz Engage social CRM gives you a 360° view of each social community member with detailed social contact profiles.
    • Twitter handles, Facebook pages, and other social media accounts
    • Social conversation stream
    • Social media engagement statistics
    • Topics of interest and geographic location
    • Personal brand sentiment score and details
    • Jitterater™ social reach and rank
    Understand your community members for more effective social media engagement.