Engaging Facebook Marketing

Meltwater Buzz Connect Module

Attract more Facebook Fans with targeted, engaging Facebook marketing campaigns. Create complete Facebook microsites organized around your marketing goals by deploying beautiful Facebook tabs. Convert visitors into leads. Build excitement with viral contests and sweepstakes. The Meltwater Buzz Connect Facebook marketing module brings powerful social media engagement capabilities to your Facebook marketing campaigns that help you develop deeper connections with the members of your Facebook community.

Features You'll Like

  • MBuzz Connect Build TabDeploy targeted Facebook marketing campaigns with rich Facebook microsites using Facebook tabs that reinforce your brand and support your online marketing programs. Create a more visual and engaging Facebook experience for your fans. Organize your Facebook content to highlight your most important messages and campaigns. Tailor tab content for specific target audiences, such as product, industry, language or geography. Turn visitors into leads with in-line registration forms. The Meltwater Buzz Connect module helps you maximize the impact of your Facebook marketing campaigns with a deeper, more diverse Facebook experience.
  • MBuzz Connect Tab PreviewDesign and publish branded, engaging Facebook tabs without the cost of expensive technical resources. Select from a library of templates that are designed to support your Facebook marketing goals and make Facebook tab publishing quick and easy. Customize templates to fit your brand using the tab publishing wizard. Then, create beautiful Facebook tabs by adding rich engaging content to implement your Facebook marketing campaign. Creating engaging Facebook tabs is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3 with the Meltwater Buzz Facebook tab publishing wizard.
    1. Set Your Facebook Marketing Goal – Choose from a variety of Facebook marketing campaign goals, such as inform and share, reward your fans, and online campaign landing pages for registration or lead capture.
    2. Select Layout & Theme – Pick from a wide selection of layouts and themes that optimize each tab’s visual presentation.  Then, tailor your theme to fit your brand perfectly using a simple CSS outline.
    3. Drop in Rich Content – Select from an array of smart, rich content elements to implement your campaign and make your tab beautiful and engaging.
  • The Meltwater Buzz Connect module’s smart content elements help you fit the right content into each region of the template.
    • Clickable image
    • Flickr gallery
    • Twitter (status, search, list)
    • YouTube
    • Surveys and polls
    • Contact forms
    • Coupons
    • Custom HTML

    Upgrade Your Facebook Marketing with Advanced Features

    Leverage these advanced capabilities of the Meltwater Buzz Connect module to take your Facebook marketing campaigns to new levels.
    • Fan-gate Your Tab - Fan-gate your whole Facebook tab or elements on it so you can hide some or all of your content until a user “Likes” your page.
    • Target Your Audience - Display different versions of your Facebook tabs to different users automatically, based on their Facebook language and location settings.
    • Schedule Content - Plan your content calendar and schedule any changes to your tabs in advance. Craft all your tabs at one time, if you choose, and schedule them to publish or change in sync with your upcoming promotions and campaigns.
    • Source Edit History - Leverage the full editing history stored in the Connect module to revert to an older version of your Facebook tab when you decide you don’t want to keep recent changes.
    • Preview Your Tab Live - View your Facebook tab’s layout, design, and dynamic content in full Facebook format, live — no guesswork involved.
  • MBuzz Connect Tab AnalyticsIncrease your Facebook marketing return on investment by tracking and optimizing engagement across all your Facebook tabs.  Conduct A/B testing on different messages and offers. Develop aggregate benchmarks across your content, contests and campaigns. Analyze traffic by Facebook tab to understand the factors driving engagement. Compare and contrast the results of surveys and polls. Meltwater Buzz Facebook marketing analytics provide the insights you need to optimize the performance of your Facebook marketing content and campaigns.
  • MBuzz Build PromotionEnergize your Facebook marketing with contests, sweepstakes, and other social campaigns that encourage your community members to participate, vote, and share. Reward your Facebook Fans with special offers, coupons and giveaways to build loyalty and deepen relationships. Measure the success of your promotions with in-depth analytics and conversation tracking. Meltwater Buzz Facebook promotions provides the tools you need to take your Facebook marketing to the next level.
    • Display Facebook promotions everywhere, including on Facebook pages, Facebook tabs, your website, and embedded in online marketing microsites
    • Select winners by popular vote, expert judging, or both
    • Automatically randomize sweepstakes winner selection
    • Use the fraud guard to prevent multiple entries
    • Fan-gate promotions on your Facebook tabs
    • Make Facebook promotions accessible by mobile devices
    • Customize sharing options to drive viral participation
    • Optimize performance with key engagement metrics, including visits, click-throughs, comments, demographics, and geography.
    • Integrate Facebook marketing performance metrics with Google Analytics
    • Easily comply with stringent Facebook promotion guidelines