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Meltwater Buzz

Build brands and drive revenue with the Meltwater Buzz social media marketing software-as-a-service.  Built on the Meltwater online intelligence platform, the Meltwater Buzz social media marketing suite combines deep social media monitoring and analytics with efficient social engagement.  Meltwater Buzz customers deploy more effective social marketing campaigns and develop stronger brand relationships across large communities to deliver real social media ROI.

Cultivate Vibrant Social Communities

Turn conversations into customers and customers into advocates. The Meltwater Buzz social media marketing software suite enables a complete lifecycle approach to social community management that helps marketers cultivate vibrant social communities with intelligence and ease.  Discover social conversations that are relevant to your business. Engage social influencers on Facebook and Twitter. Facilitate word-of-mouth through creative social marketing campaigns. And, develop a firm understanding of complex social communities and social marketing campaign performance with deep social analytics.

Social Media Monitoring

Gain new insights about your company, customers and competitors by tapping into more than 300 million social media conversations with the Meltwater Buzz Listen social media monitoring module. Discover the most meaningful conversations for your business with filters by topic, social media channel, language, and geography. Understand social conversation volume, sentiment, and trends. Track ongoing conversations for immediate engagement and research historical discussions going back six months. The Meltwater Buzz Listen social media monitoring module helps you understand the conversations that are important to your social community before, during and after your social marketing campaign.

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Social Media Engagement

Manage social media engagement efficiently across large social communities from multiple Twitter and Facebook accounts. Immediately join any conversation you discover by responding to tweets and comments. Organize customers, influencers and other important social community members into groups to streamline social media engagement with your target audiences. Schedule your communications to create structured social media marketing campaigns that drive word-of-mouth throughout your community. The Meltwater Buzz Engage module simplifies social media engagement, so community managers can focus on social media marketing over social media technology.

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Engaging Facebook Marketing

Attract more Facebook Fans with targeted, engaging Facebook marketing campaigns. Create complete Facebook microsites organized around your marketing goals by deploying beautiful Facebook tabs. Convert visitors into leads. Build excitement with viral contests and sweepstakes. The Meltwater Buzz Connect Facebook marketing module brings powerful social media engagement capabilities to your Facebook marketing campaigns that help you develop deeper connections with the members of your Facebook community.

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