Waste Recycling Group

At the Forefront of High Profile Issues

Waste Recycling Group stays on top of high profile waste management issues using Meltwater News online media monitoring solutions. Waste Recycling Group delivers integrated waste management and energy recovery solutions to meet national, regional and local needs for local authorities and private commercial companies in the UK.  The company stays up to date with what is being written across the web and has the power to react quickly to media stories to counteract negative articles and build on positive coverage. Daily reports to senior managers provide valuable intelligence about competitors and important macro trends in the waste management industry.

The company operates facilities for the reception, recycling and treatment of waste, including a network of waste transfer and recycling centres and a regional network of landfill sites. Custom tailored online media monitoring gives the company the latest data on any subject that the WRG team wants to track.

About Waste Recycling Group

Part of the international infrastructure, energy and environmental services group, FCC, Waste Recycling Group Limited (WRG) is a leading UK waste management and energy recovery company, which each year deals with millions of tons of household, commercial and industrial waste at hundreds of sites around the country.