Meltwater Interview Process

Interested in a Meltwater Career?

We seek top performers for all positions. You can expect an interview process that is rigorous and demanding. We’re looking for people with a strong entrepreneurial drive and the stamina to follow through. We want professionals with hungry minds, great social skills and the ability to learn and laugh—all at the same time.

Meltwater Interview Process

The interview steps described below apply generally to the recruitment of sales positions. Similar processes are adapted for other positions.

After completion of your online application, Meltwater’s recruiting team will review your profile. If your qualifications meet our search needs, you will be contacted for an in-person interview.

The first in-person interview consists of a group interview in which a group of candidates meet with a group of Meltwater employees. The group interview session is a lively, informative and interactive meeting that gives candidates a strong feel for the company culture and their potential future colleagues.

If the group interview process is a success, the final step is for a candidate to meet individually with the Meltwater recruiting panel from the group interview. Individual interviews are rigorous and demanding. The panel will ask several questions, testing the candidate’s ability to think on their feet. The purpose of this session is to get a deeper understanding of  each candidate’s motivations, ability to confront challenges, and management potential.