Our Culture

Entrepreneurial Spirit, Hard Work and the Joy of Accomplishment

Guided by our core values, Meltwater culture is based on a fundamental belief in people and the potential they possess. We are not afraid of investing in hidden talent and believe that in an environment where people are motivated and supported by their colleagues, individuals will discover their strengths.

We also are a company built on an entrepreneurial spirit, hard work and the joy of accomplishment. We value teamwork, as well as individual excellence. At Meltwater, we put our passion and our personality into everything we do.

Our values are at the core of our culture, and they can be summed up by the acronym MER, which, in Norwegian, means “more.”

Moro [‘mo(·)ro]

Norwegian for “Fun.” We believe that in order to become successful, individuals must enjoy what they do. That is why we promote a fun and supportive working environment.

Enere [‘e nðr’e]

Norwegian for “Number One.” At Meltwater, average isn’t good enough. Our goal is to create a company that is groundbreaking and a culture in which our employees aspire to exceed their personal expectations.

Respekt [re’spekt]

Norwegian for “Respect.” We believe it matters how a company or an individual becomes number one. When striving to be the best, individuals must treat their colleagues and customers with respect and humility.


An acronym for Moro, Enere and Respekt, which creates the Norwegian word “More.” We may celebrate our victories, but we see the need to continuously improve—whether it is to reach personal goals or corporate milestones.

Though these values may seem simplistic on the surface, they are what drive us to reach our objectives, clarify our expectations, and help us to prioritize and make decisions.