Infographic: 10 Step Crisis Communication Management

Infographic: 10 Step Crisis Communication Management

February 14th 2014

No one likes a crisis, but as any PR pro will tell you, crises happen. Since you never know exactly when you’ll need to slip into crisis communication mode, the best bet is to be prepared!

Over the past few months we’ve have been talking about crisis communications with our friends at Marketing Tech Blog. We thought it would be fun partner on an infographic outlining the 10 steps we recommend following when a crisis pops up.

Share and save the following, perhaps even print it out and hang it on the wall. You never know when a crisis will come and it might be good to have this handy!

5 thoughts on “Infographic: 10 Step Crisis Communication Management

  1. Was such a pleasure taking your advice and illustrating it in design that’s entertaining and a solid crib sheet for any public relations professional! Thanks for the opportunity, Marc!

  2. This offers a great explanation for young professionals (like myself) who are pursing crisis communication as a potential PR avenue. Will be sharing this with my colleagues!

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